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LPG Conversions 4 cyl from only  £899 !
6 cyl conversions from £1099   &  8 cyl  from  £1399
World Famous Italian System is used
Direct importer, guaranteed wholesale and cheapest
prices in the UK!
Specialist in Cars, Vans & 4x4 Conversions
UKLPG (LPGA) Approved Installer!
With an LPG conversion, you can save up to 50% on your fuel  bill!

Call 02088712233 or 07403683440
for an immediate quote.

About Us
Euro LPG has been formed with the sole intention of providing high quality LPG Autogas conversions for the UK public at the most affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this most readily available alternative fuel in the UK (savings of up to 50% in fuel costs as well as reductions in CO2 emissions up to 20%). While doing this, it is our promise to our customers that we will never compromise on quality, customer service and professionalism. Our aim is simply to become Rynairs and Easyjets of LPG Autogas conversion world. The owners of Euro LPG between them have considerable experience and extensive knowledge in the LPG Autogas conversion business and certainly amongst the first ones to have brought the LPG Autogas as an alternative fuel to the UK market when it first started in late 1990s. We are UKLPG (LPGA) approved installers.

We pride ourselves for using the best available LPG Autogas conversion kit based on our past experience and currently prefer Lovato, Romano, and BRC as our conversion kits of choice. However, our technicians are capable of installing and servicing other available systems in the market like AEB, Aldesa, Bedini, Bigas, Emmegas, ICOM, KME, Landi Renzo, Lima, Lo-Gas, Lovato, Marini, NLP, Necam, OMVL, Prins, Romano, Star Gas, Stefanelli, Tartarini, Vialle, and Voltran.
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